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We Love Our Patients!

Hear what people are saying:

When I noticed I wasn’t able to digest healthy meals, I knew I needed help in finding the root issue. My body was telling me something wasn’t right, but I didn’t know how to interpret this message. Dr. Dunlap and her staff were a key component in my healing journey. We explored my specific food sensitivity and chiropractic adjustments addressed new and old issues. After several months, I had a huge breakthrough! I was suddenly able to take in the vital nutrients from food again! And even more, my body was healing from pains and dysfunction that happened years ago. Numb areas from surgeries 20 years prior now have new feeling and a whole new range of movement.  Thank you Dr. Dunlap and your amazing staff! 


Dunlap is the best!  She has been very helpful with getting my ankle working properly again. She really understands the body and how everything works together. She is much more than a chiropractor. I highly recommend her!


I would give Dr. Dunlap and the entire team 10 stars if I could. They are always very welcoming and very punctual. I have had back pain for years from working as a bedside nurse, but have already seen such improvement in the past 2-3 months! Dr. Dunlap's adjustment techniques have just about restored my spine back to health. I would HIGHLY recommend if you have musculoskeletal concerns, give them a try. You will not be disappointed!


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